IHR Ep. 81: April Fool’s Day

Welcome to the INDIE HORROR RISING podcast, Episode #81! On this week’s podcast, co-hosts Jay Sapiro & Chris Micklos are joined by screenwriter Marcos Gabriel and director Christopher Alender of THE OLD WAYS for an IHR Dark Dive into the 1986 horror-comedy APRIL FOOL’S DAY.

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More information, links, and show notes below!

April Fool's Day (1986) - Release Info - IMDb

About April Fool’s Day:

APRIL FOOL’S DAY is a 1986 American black comedy / mystery / slasher film directed by Fred Walton, produced by Frank Mancuso Jr., and starring Thomas F. Wilson, Deborah Foreman, Griffin O’Neal, Amy Steel, Ken Olandt, Deborah Goodrich, and Leah Pinsent. The plot follows a group of college students vacationing during April Fool’s Day weekend on an island estate, which is infiltrated by an unknown assailant. (Source: Wikipedia Summary)

You’re Invited To A Killer Weekend – Remembering APRIL FOOL’S DAY on its 32nd Anniversary

Special Guest – Christopher Alender:

A graduate of the Florida State University Film School, CHRISTOPHER ALENDER left his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, to begin a career in Hollywood. His first foothold was in the movie trailer industry, where he developed a keen sense of how to tell a story in the fastest, most visually impactful way possible. Christopher then went on to found Soapbox Films.

From its humble beginnings in a spare bedroom, Soapbox Films has grown into a full-service production company specializing in original content, branded entertainment, and marketing, with facilities including a 10,000 square foot soundstage, offline edit bays, surround-sound mixing, storyboard and visual-effects artists, and an HD color correction and finishing suite. These facilities, combined with an emphasis on quality, innovation, and the creative development of team members have made Soapbox Films a one-stop shop for everything from music videos to commercials to feature films.

Alender spent his formative years dreaming of becoming an animator, and thus his work often blends the worlds of live-action with special effects and animation. Creating the impossible through movie magic is his principal joy, and this passion has led him to many award-winning projects for clients like Walt Disney Studios, The Muppets, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, NBA, ESPN, FOX, and MTV. This experience has afforded him the unique opportunity to direct the biggest actors in Hollywood like Johnny Depp, Dwayne Johnson, Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, and many more.

In 2013, Christopher shifted his day-to-day focus from managing operations as President of Soapbox Films to the broader roles of CEO & CCO. This allows him to pursue feature filmmaking full-time as a producer and director with the unique resources of a top-notch production facility and staff at his fingertips. In the past few years he’s produced the directorial debuts for filmmakers Emma Tammi (THE WIND), Roxanne Benjamin (BODY AT BRIGHTON ROCK), and Jonathan Stokes (WILDCAT), as well as executive producing the award winning 1982 by Oualid Mouaness and THE MORTUARY COLLECTION by Ryan Spindell.

As a director, his short film EYE OF THE STORM became an award-winning viral sensation and was featured in American Cinematographer for its cutting-edge, not-of-this-world visual aesthetic. He followed this up in 2021 with his feature directorial debut THE OLD WAYS. (Source: ChristopherAlender.com)

Christopher Alender - IMDb

Special Guest – Marcos Gabriel:

MARCOS GABRIEL writes things. Sometimes it’s movie copy. Sometimes it’s a thriller novel. Sometimes it’s a screenplay. One time, it was an illustrated collection of scary poems for kids.

But that was just that one time.

Mostly it’s the other stuff.

He’s a member of the International Thriller Writers Association. You know who else is a member of that group? Clive Cussler. James Patterson. Lee Child.

Marcos Gabriel doesn’t personally know any of those people.). (Source: Amazon BIO)

Amazon.com: Marcos Gabriel: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle


APRIL FOOL’S DAY ON IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt0090655

APRIL FOOL’S DAY OFFICIAL TRAILER: Watch the official APRIL FOOL’S DAY trailer here.

WATCH APRIL FOOL’S DAY: Find out where to watch APRIL FOOL’S DAY streaming here.

MARCOS GABRIEL IMDB: www.imdb.com/name/nm0300255

CHRISTOPHER ALENDER IMDB: www.imdb.com/name/nm0002572

WATCH THE OLD WAYS: Watch THE OLD WAYS streaming exclusively on Netflix.

You're Invited To A Killer Weekend - Remembering APRIL FOOL'S DAY on its  32nd Anniversary - Nightmare on Film Street

IHR Dark Dive Reading List:

Read the article “Hollywood Flashback: “April Fool’s Day’ Pranked Audiences in 1986” at HollywoodReporter.com.

Read the Vincent Canby review of APRIL FOOL’S DAY at NYTimes.com.

Read the article “Harsh Consequences for Bad Humor in April Fool’s Day (1986)” at Scriptophobic.ca.

Read the article “April Fool’s Day – Fred Walton’s Proto-Scream” at WeMinoredInFilm.com.

Read the article “The Lost Ending Of APRIL FOOL’S DAY” at Fangoria.com.

Read the article “You’re Invited to a Killer Weekend – Remembering APRIL FOOL’S DAY on Its 32nd Anniversary” at NoFSPodcast.com.

Read the {fake] article “Sony Announces April Fool’s Day Horror Movie Reboot” at ScreenRant.com. October fools!

April Fool's Day (1986) | 80's Movie Guide

Bloody Good Stuff:

Jay: For another outstanding Bloody Good Stuff, Jay tracked down the Avon Theater Film Center’s 30th Anniversary Interview with APRIL FOOL’S DAY stars Deborah Foreman, Deborah Goodrich Royce, Leah Pinsent, and Amy Steel. Watch the video on Youtube.com HERE! As a bonus, Jay found some additional behind-the-scenes commentary from Deborah Goodrich Royce, which you can watch HERE!

Chris: Check out Chris’ Bloody Good Stuff, the site HalloweenMoviesOnTV.com HERE! You’ll find the October TV schedules for Halloween movies and specials on TCM, Syfy, AMC, and more! In particular, check out TCM’s outstanding lineup of classic horror films from the Golden Age and beyond HERE!

APRIL FOOL'S DAY Trailer (1986) Horror Slasher - YouTube

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