Three Friends and a Dream

We certainly aren't three cynical, longtime veterans of the movie industry taking our turn at helming a feature. Nor are we three amateurs who have never picked up a camera before. We are somewhere in between, and we happen to think that that place we occupy in between is somewhat of a sweet spot. In setting out to make an independent, feature-length film, we have lots of creative and production experience to build from; and beyond that, we also have a real passion for movies and a shared dream to do something that we've never done before. In that regard, it will be a challenge, for sure, but also a labor of love.

Welcome to The Nursery!

"The Nursery" is an independent horror movie in the tradition of "Halloween", "Paranormal Activity", and "House of the Devil" currently in development in Madison & Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Follow our blog for regular production updates, announcements, and opportunities to get involved in helping us make this exciting, original feature film!